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Live Entertainment at El Rancho Grande

Mariachi Acero

Mariachi is a Mexican style of music typically performed by a group of people dressed in studded, charro suits and wide brimmed hats. They generally play a variety of instruments which include violins, guitars, basses, vihuelas (5-string guitar) and trumpets. They often sing about machismo (strong masculine pride), love, betrayal, death, revolutionary heroes, and even animals. One particularly famous song is “La Cucaracha”. Larry Lane, the founder of Mariachi Acero De EC, was originally an instructor of a large group of Mariachi students. Their group became so successful and large that they were almost nearly impossible to book. Larry had the great idea of splitting the group into two separate groups, Mariachi Acero De LV (Las Vegas) and Mariachi Acero De EC (East Chicago).

Mariachi Acero De LV is instructed by Erik Ramirez and they perform in a hotel in Las Vegas. The group instructed by Larry Lane plays mostly out of East Chicago, but will be making frequent trips to their home base, El Rancho Grande, to play! Mariachi Acero De EC consists of Cristina Sanchez (violin), Veronica Gomez (violin), Steve Hernandez (trumpet), Larry Lane (trumpet), Carlos Sainz (vihuela), and George Navarette (guitarron).

For booking inquiries, you may contact the group through their Facebook page – Mariachi Acero EC

The Spaniels

In 1948, Billy Shelton, Thornton James “Pookie” Hudson, and Calvin Fossett first performed as the 3 Bees. After Billy Shelton and Calvin Fossett graduated, a new group emerged. Towards the end of 1952, as high school seniors, Pookie Hudson, Ernest Warren, Willie C. Jackson, Opal Courtney Jr., and Gerald Gregory debuted as The Spaniels (originally entitled Pookie Hudson and the Hudsonnaires.) With the vocal training from Billy Shelton, the Spaniels found their sound. Less than a year later, upon graduation, the newly-found doo wop group became one of the first of two artists to sign with Vee-Jay Records, the first, large, independent Afro-American owned record label. With the help of Vee-Jay Records, the group sprouted to the top of the charts with their hit songs “Baby It’s You” and “Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight”.

Although the era of doo wop is a thing of the past, Billy Shelton keeps the sound alive with current members of the Spaniels, Patrick Pitre, Gene Stewart, and Pernell Davis. Throughout the years, the group has performed nationwide, spreading the nostalgic warmth of days gone by.

In October of 2015, Patrick Pitre was staying at the New Buffalo Inn & Spa, across the street from El Rancho Grande. The moment he stepped outside of his room, the aroma of Carne Asada grabbed his attention. After returning from fishing at the local Galien River, where he caught a 14 pound pike, the smell finally drew him in. While dining in, Pitre was humming some tunes and caught the owner of El Rancho Grande’s attention. After hours of singing and reminiscing, Patrick and the owner developed a friendship. The rest, is history. The Spaniels now consider El Rancho Grande to be their home away from home. They are now frequent customers and entertain at El Rancho Grande, and you may just be lucky enough to meet them!

For booking inquiries you may contact Billy Shelton @ (219) 741-3322

The Pavements

The Pavements
“The Pavements” is Classic Rock and Roll. They will take their audience on a musical journey of music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, Motown, blues, disco, pop and standards. They are a musical time machine with a lively mix of songs and bring back our memories of the great hit songs.

“The Pavements” is THE Party Band.