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El Rancho Grande began as Don Pedro’s, a small taco stand in a train diner car at the Antique Mall in Union Pier.

“It all started when I was just a child and remembering the stories my father used to tell about my grandfather Don Pedro Bernal Navarro. In 1885, in a small village called Iropuato in the central part of Mexico, my great grandfather and his son Don Pedro, who at that time was a small boy, worked at an arena. Back in the 1800’s a popular sporting event was rooster fights. People would travel from miles away to partake in the excitement of these fights.”

“My grandfather eventually opened his own arena and was blessed by some of the patrons that would visit. He met a gentlemen by the name of Pancho Villa, who would call upon my grandfather for advice on the best fighting roosters that day. Pancho Villa was known by many to be a Mexican Revolutionary Leader. He became an important integral part of my grandfather’s life.”

This is why I designed El Rancho Grande to help pass on my ancestors heritage, and to remember the excitement of the stories that were told to me as a child


Seasonal Decor

Twice each year El Rancho Grande transforms itself filling the atmosphere with the sights and sounds to celebrate the season!


Join us each October as we carry on the tradition and celebrate this favorite holiday!


Every December El Rancho Grande becomes a Christmas wonderland. Come celebrate with us!

See you there!